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This is my first attempt at a web page, blog as I attempt to share with you my insight and love for the animals that have become so important to me.  The following is a brief bio of the animals who reside in my home. 

It began with the adoption of two cats, Belle and Linny (sisters) approximately two years old from the Summit Animal Rescue Association.  The association named the girls “The Jungle Girls” because of their brown and black markings.  Originally the idea was to only adopt one animal, but the association did not want to separate the girls so we decided to adopt the two of them.  Or should I say they adopted us?  Unfortunately Linny passed away approximately three years ago due to a small liver that could not support her system.  Linny passed in the arms of my partner in the comfort of her own home.  She has crossed the rainbow bridge and is smiling down on us.

Shortly after the passing of our Linny, Summit Animal Rescue called and asked if “I” would stop at PetCo to visit a 2 y/o male cat that desperately needed a home.  Needless to say I spent four hours sitting on the floor of the pet store playing with the cat and took him home the same day.  His name was “Finklepuss.”  We changed his name to “Jak.”  So now there were two lol.  Jak was a rescue that had a few different families including living in a school dorm, a foster home, a vet home, and finally what was thought to be a forever home.  We took Jak into our home and shortly thereafter Jak developed an issue with his mouth in which his mouth would lock and cause him severe pain.  All of his teeth with the exception of four had to be pulled.  This was a $2,500.00 operation that the Summit Animal Rescue Association paid for.  If it had not been for the generosity of this organization Jak may not be alive today.

Approximately two or three months later Penny, a 9 y/o cat lost her owner.  A family friend called hysterical informing us that this loving cat would no longer have a home.  The owner’s son wanted to put Penny outside and set her free.  The minute the two of us walked into the house to see the cat, my partner feel in love with her.  And that was the end of that.  Penny now has a forever home with us (number 3).

Finally, last year on the 4th of July, we attended a picnic and we found Fred.  The neighbor next door found an orange tabby in the woodpile behind her house with 8 kittens.  The woman took in the mother and fostered the kittens.  She took mommy and the kittens to the vet to ensure they were all healthy and began to find forever homes for them..  Fred is the fourth furry member of our household.

Please stay tuned for the daily antics of our furry friends.  Thank you.


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