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The Arrival of Betty

On Sunday December 6, 2009 while visiting the Friends of Linden Animal Shelter, little Betty a gray tabby stole my heart.  Although we already have four furry friends at home, I just couldn’t resist her.  She nuzzled my nose and neck and I fell in love with her.  The adoption was immediate which surprised me because the animal rescue associations that I have dealt with in the past require an extensive background check on potential adopters.

Betty adjusted quite well to the other animals, Penny, Belle, Jak, and Fred.   She has become attached to Fred.  The two of them run up and down the stairs, through the expandable tunnel on the floor and run and chase each other all over the house.

 I noticed that Betty’s eye continued to run and became concerned.  We made an appointment at the vet to ensure that there were no health issues.  Our visit at the vet was very upsetting.  The vet gave us two prescriptions; one for her eye, and one for her ears.  He also informed us that Betty has a Stage 4 heart murmur.  Here I am in the vet’s office, holding my baby in my arms, crying my eyes out.  The vet must have thought I was nuts because when he left the room he didn’t come back.  The vet suggested x-rays, ultrasound, blood work and other tests.

When we got home, I held Betty for hours and just cried.  I called Kathy from Friends of Linden Animal Shelter and she assured me that Betty was quite healthy and she was misdiagnosed.  Kathy made an appointment for Betty at the Rahway Animal Hospital for a recheck.  The vet at the Rahway Animal Hospital was wonderful.  He informed us that Betty’s ears, and eye has cleared up.  He informed us that she may have a Stage 2 heart murmur but that cats live perfectly healthy lives with heart murmurs.  We brought Betty home, and let her out of the carrier.  She immediately hit the food dish and began chasing and playing with Fred.

Betty has gained two pounds since we brought her home from the shelter, and runs and plays all the time.  Stay tuned to hear more about Betty, Penny, Belle, Jak, and Fred.


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