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The Homework Ritual

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Aaaah….the end of the day.  It’s time to relax.  Ok scratch that, time to get down to some serious homework.  Yep, I signed myself up for answering discussion questions, team projects, focus papers, nail biting deadlines, sleepiness nights, and who could forget the dreaded final that looms just 5 weeks away.  However, enough about me, I better fill you in on the kids.  Of course I have an audience, Belle is on the arm of the chair with me, and Jak is on top of the chair behind my head.  Have you noticed a trend?  Both Belle and Jak position their selves somewhere above my head the first chance they get.

The homework ritual begins shortly after I arrive home.  I would like to put my bag down, and change clothes before the stampede to the door to greet daddy; unfortunately that never happens.  Remember Garfield, everyone’s favorite cat?  Well as soon as the door opens 2 or 3 of the kids bolt to the door; it’s somewhat like watching Garfield race to the lasagna dish.

Homework time….boo.  As I sit in the recliner with my lap, Belle and Jack begin jockeying for a position on the chair.  The winner is the kid that finds the most comfortable spot for them and the most uncomfortable position for daddy.  Jak won the battle royal this afternoon sitting on the back of the chair.  Now visually picture a cat on the left arm of the chair, a cat on the top of the chair and me sitting in the chair.  Yep you guessed it; my toes are reaching for the ceiling.  I wonder how long I can stay in this position.  Never mind, Betty decided to bite the power cord to the lap top and when I reclined forward Belle jumped from the left side of the chair to the right side almost at the same time Jak jumped over my head (more combat wounds).  We could have had a collision in mid air. American Airlines, Flight 202 requesting permission to land.  Tower do you read me?  I guess they went out for coffee.

Well it’s almost time for the kids to get their wet food.  Feeding time should prove to be an inspiration for my next blog; how to feed five cats with four cans of fancy feast.  Stay tuned, and be safe.  Show all your animals the love that they so unselfishly show you 24/7.



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Raceway Park

It has been some time since I updated by blog.  The kids; Penny, Belle, Jak, Fred, and Betty are all doing well.  It appears that they use our living room as a race track in the middle of the night, 3am to be exact.  I understand there belly clocks going off at 9pm for wet food, but how do they know its 3am and time to use the living room as a race track?  Once they finish playing speed racer across the living room, it’s time to use the stairs, not 1 or 2 of them, 3 cats racing up and down the stairs like their waiting for the mailman in the middle of the night.  Fred is the only one adventurous enough to venture outside when we accidently leave the door open to long.  He gets under your feet, and squeezes out the door.  He doesn’t go far, just to the gate, but our next door neighbor has two large dogs that might jump the fence.  Fred doesn’t care; he’s aloof to most things, even us at times.  He just happens to be the only cat that enjoys people food.  But that story is for another day.

Bedtime is a big deal in our house.  Fred and Jak race to the bedroom for the best position, (on top of my head).  Last night Belle made it to the bedroom first, of course that was after consuming 3 yummies and a drink of water.  In the middle of the night before Raceway Park began, Jak decided he wanted Belle’s spot.  Now I thought cats could see better in the dark then humans, but apparently not.  Jak jumped over my head onto Belle and shit and hair” flew.  Needless to say I jumped up to find my forehead bleeding, and Belle and Jak lying next to each other at the foot of the bed.  Maybe they thought it was time to wake up daddy?  Well they could have woke me up with head butts instead of playing leapfrog over my head, lol.

I hope that you enjoyed the latest update on our furry family.  Please stay tuned for further updates.

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